Tuesday 10 December 2013

Cyanogenmod rolls out encrypted text messaging by default

Most people value their privacy in one way or another. And believe that they should be the ones in control
about what information they allow in the public space.
Most people are aware that sites like Facebook etc are not very good in respecting their privacy.

However if you asked many people about who can read the content of their text messages and who they send them too or how many. They would be shocked.

With the latest spying revelations in the media made famous by Edward Snowden. Most peoples reactions are usually along the lines of "I have nothing to hide" or "I am too boring" to be in the sights of the NSA or various other spying bodies.

However new information has surfaced about Telstra spying on telephone calls, texts, social media messages and internet metadata of Australians so that information can be filtered and given to intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

For the few that are interested in their privacy, current methods of encryption are either too difficult to set-up or use. Add to the fact that the people you want to communicate with also need to be using encryption to make your conversations safe.

There are tools that you can use on existing Android Phone such as Text Secure and Redphone.

However Cyanogen, the company that makes the popular CyanogenMod version of Android, has announced that its secured text messaging will be enabled by default.
This will ensure that take up of using secure messaging and ensuring that using encryption becomes easy for all users of the phone in the fact that it will be automatic.


Hopefully this will only be the beginning of secure devices and applications for the masses


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